Archiving & Free Ads

Q. Why would I want Heatboard to archive my content?

A. Several reasons:

  • Each article we archive will contain a link back to your website's homepage, thus helping with search engine "relevant link rank" ratings.

  • Your website will be listed on our Links page. We would appreciate a link back to us from your site, but it is not required.

  • We will run in rotation a 160 x 160 pixel banner near the top right of most of our web pages at no charge, for as long as your content remains archived on the website. The banner can link to any page on your website.

  • As we grow, more and more people who may never have found your website will pay you a visit thanks to the many linkbacks we'll be providing.

Q. So all I have to do is let you archive one page from my site and I get a free banner forever?

A. Yes, but your banner will not be shown as often as the banners of those who have greater numbers of articles archived here.

Q. Why isn't everyone's banner shown equally?

A. Those who archive more have more "invested" and deserve a greater return.

Q. How often will my banner be shown?

A. That depends on the number of visitors, the number of contributors, and the number of your articles we've archived. Banners are "weighted" for display based on the amount of your content we've archived.

In the table, below, a weight of "1" means each time it's your banner's turn, it will be shown. "2" means your banner will be shown every other time its turn comes in the rotation. "3" means every thrid time, etc.

# Articles Archived 20+ 11 - 19 8 - 10 5 - 7 3 - 4 2 1
Display weight 1 2 3 4 6 8 10

Q. What do I have to do?

A. Nothing except let us know you'd like us to archive your content and send us a 160x160 pixel banner to run. We'll visit your site, capture the content, and reformat it to fit on our pages.

Q. Do I have to archive all my content?

A. No. You can choose to archive all or part of your content. That said, if you decide to archive only old, way-out-of-date articles with useless information, we'd probably decline to archive them.

Q. How long will it take to archive my content?

A. That depends on the number and complexity of the articles. It also depends on how many sites are waiting to be archived and other factors.

Q. So how do I let you know I want you to archive my content?

A. Just send an email to webmaster [at] Include your name and your website's name and web address and let us know if you want us to archive all or part of your content. If only part, please include links to the specific articles. We'll take it from there.

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